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The Complete Guide to SAS Arrays

Are you looking to become a more efficient Data Step programmer? Do you often need to perform the same manipulation on multiple variables? If so, arrays are a great tool to simplify your SAS code and improve your programming efficiency. By using arrays, you can execute complex data manipulation tasks, allowing you to manipulate multiple variables with DO LOOPs and carry out a variety of data transformations with limited lines of code. This article willRead More

Dropping and recreating databases in Microsoft SQL Server

If you are unable to drop and create database in SQL server, this code will close all active connections to the database and then drop it WHILE EXISTS(select NULL from sys.databases where name=‘yourDBname’) BEGIN DECLARE @SQL varchar(max) SELECT @SQL = COALESCE(@SQL,”) + ‘Kill ‘ + Convert(varchar, SPId) + ‘;’ FROM MASTER..SysProcesses WHERE DBId = DB_ID(N ‘yourDBname’) AND SPId <> @@SPId EXEC(@SQL) DROP DATABASE ‘yourDBname’ END GO CREATE DATABASE yourDBname GO /*********************************************************************************                                                         OR *********************************************************************************/ DECLARERead More

How Do I Use Parameters in My SAS Visual Analytics Reports?


How to Embed A PDF into A Webpage

Adding  PDF file in a webpage within SharePoint Materials Needed:  A Text File .txt Content Editor Web part A SharePoint Page The first step to showing the PDF within a webpage is to store the PDF on your SharePoint site where users will be able to access it.  Once you have uploaded your PDF copy the URL for the newly uploaded PDF file. After you have uploaded the file, create a new text .txt documentRead More


Offline SharePoint document library sync

How to sync a SharePoint document library to Outlook for offline editing when you are traveling for work or away from WiFi for extended periods

Co-Editing Excel via web editor in SharePoint

How to use the web editor in SharePoint to collaboratively and simultaneously edit an Excel file in SharePoint

SQL Server Keyboard Shortcuts


INSTRUCTIONS FOR CREATING TABLES AND USING CODE EXAMPLES Create the tables using the DATA steps below by copying and pasting    the code into the SAS Display Manager. Each DATA step consists of complete code and instream data. Copy and paste the PROC SQL code into the SAS Display Manager. Run the code corresponding to the selected example. READ IN THE SAMPLE DATA The following DATA step code is set up to store all files andRead More

Top 10 Most Powerful Functions for PROC SQL

PROC SQL is not only one of the many SAS procedures and also a distinctive subsystem with all common features from SQL (Structured Query Language). Equipped with PROC SQL, SAS upgrades to a full-fledging relational database management system. PROC SQL provides alternative ways to manage data other than the traditional DATA Step and SAS procedures. In addition, SAS’s built-in functions are the add-on tools to increase the power of PROC SQL. In the attached PDFRead More