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PROC Export

PROC Export to Excel – Multiple tables to one xlsx file on different sheets The XLSX engine is enhanced to write multiple sheets per Microsoft Excel file in the first maintenance release of SAS 9.3. In SAS 9.3, the XLSX engine supports writing only one sheet in an Excel workbook.Read More

SAS Shortcuts

Clear log, output & submit code in one keystroke Activate your function keys by typing Keys in your command window. 2. Find a function that hasn’t been programmed yet.  I’ll pick F12. 3. Type in this command: Clear Log; Clear Output; Submit;     Now run any program by hittingRead More

Creating and Managing SAS Favorites

SAS Add-in for Microsoft office

SAS Add-In For Microsoft Office: Creating and Managing SAS Favorites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee-rv4n2ll0  

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